What I Did On My Holidays

Chapter 0

The run up

T minus a couple of days*

Mission Impossible (roll theme music) is progressing well. The progress report continues to read "Nothing has blown up yet" and with it all working bar some cosmetics, it's a one in a million chance, but it might just work.

Linda left this morning at 5:45am. This means that I leave in three days.

A moment of panic.

I realize that I haven't thought much about anything other than Mission Impossible (roll theme music), Linda has organized just about everything, I haven't even tried packing, I've never left the country before (unless you count Tasmania) and I'm going somewhere where even the alphabet is different. Oh, and I'm too tired to think straight.

And I thought Mission Impossible (roll theme music) was stressing me out.

* That may not sound as snappy as what NASA use before their launches, but the sneaky buggers copyrighted all the good ones... (back)


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